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IP & Analogue Video Surveillance

Our advanced technology provides you smart options of monitoring through your computer, laptop and even through your cell-phone.

entry control and monitorig solutions

Entry Control & Monitoring

we do automation of all kind of gates and doors like Swing gate, Swing Door, Sliding gate, Sliding Door, Traffic Bollards, Tyre Busters, Tripods, Turnstile, Rolling Shutters

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Fire Safety and Voice Evacuation

Detects fire or smoke or other environmental changes caused from fire and notifies residents, emergency services automatically by means of VR calls and SMS

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Home Automation & Security

VDP or Video Door Phone is an elegant device for entrance monitoring. As soon as a person presses button on the door unit, the monitor turns on with video and sound.

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Industrial Solutions

We Provide supply, installation, erection & commissioning services for Industrial machines, our key strength is in textile and printing automated machines.

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Advanced Solutions

We at Aarya ITES Pvt. Ltd. have been assisting our clients with all our expertise and dedication.

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Welcome To The World Of Security And Safety.

Since ancient times to the modern era, security has always been the major area of concern. Over the ages, the concept of security has evolved, where during the ancient times we built huts to safeguard ourselves from animals whereas now with technological innovations we have sophisticated solutions to protect houses, offices, buildings, warehouses and other assets from many threats like theft, fire, calamities etc. The modern times today now assert us about IOT (Internet of Things) technology through which exchange of data without any human interaction would be possible.

Safety and Security are the basic rights of any individual then maybe he/she is at work, enjoying at a park or relaxing at home. This sense of security helps a person to feel free to enjoy his work and surroundings and hence produce best results, which in turn lead to happy organizations and a happy world. So, there is no exaggeration in saying “Safety leads to happiness”.

Technology today has exposed us to more sophisticated and reliable IT, Security and Automation solutions. The chances of human error have diminished to an extent once thought unbelievable. Various safety solutions are being installed considering the affordability that is coming with technological advancements.

Aarya ITES Pvt. Ltd., leading IT, Safety, Security and Automation solutions provider, offers a wide range of products to nullify all your security and automation concerns. With our experience and expertise we are the trusted choice of clients globally. We cater to all sectors and at all levels for safety, security and automation solutions.
So with Aarya, Be Sure, Be Safe and Be Secured.

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