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We today face chaos and distressed situations, very often because of lack of management.  This in turn leads to wastage of time and resources. We at Aarya ITES create a controlled environment with our solutions. We leverage on the simplicity that technological up gradation brings. Be it Queue management or Employee entry authorisation or Vehicle identification management or Gate Automation we have solutions for all.

Products we offer

Entry COntrol

We provide state of the art solutions for access control and monitoring needs. This device helps in blocking the entry of unauthorised objects (Person/ Vehicle / Anything specified). With our field analysts we look into the core problem and provide customised solutions. Our products include

Sliding Gates
Boom Barrier
Metal Detectors
FP+PIN+RFID Time attendance
FP + RFID + PIN Access control
Tripods ( Airports, Railway stations )

Complete Authority
All our access control solutions provide complete control in your hands for the access of your premises. So neither you nor your team or associates have to waste their time. We can extend the control to a point wherein the authority can be given for a place or time as per the requirement.
360 Degree Automation
All our products are fully automated with data recording facility. This helps in reducing the recurring cost of salary for such jobs. The data further helps in inspecting employee attendance, traffic management. These products are also helpful to control the access to restricted areas.
No Connection blues
With the help of our In-house R & D department, our solutions are integral to your smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop or Mac. So you can view from any part of the world, real time. These solutions are made in a way to work in harsh environmental conditions too.
Customer Service Support
With a dedicated customer care number and a web based dedicated app, your complaints will be attended almost immediately. Because of our dedicated service policy, we are preferred and referred by all our clients