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fire safety solutions

Any business or ecosystem is exposed to various threats while it functions to grow better and faster. Fire is also one such risk which brings devastating setback for any setup, be it commercial or residential. When a fire threat is detected the major task is to evacuate people around safely and in the shortest possible time. At Aarya we bring the best digital products with quality audio devices through our fire safety and evacuation system.

We integrate the entire circuit in a way that once threat is detected it sends an SMS or call directly to the number assigned, within the premises sirens start to buzz and a pre-recorded message notifies people to start evacuating, while the automated messages control the flow of people within the corridors and stairwell.

Products We Offer

Smoke Detector
Ceiling Speaker

Wall Speaker
Column Speaker


Control Panel

Definite Safety
With these systems in place lives of many associated with the premises are under definite security measures which bring a sense of satisfaction. This system is seamlessly integrable to systems like access control and public address systems thus supporting safe evacuation.
Damage Control
We understand that a fire mishap really takes hard on an organisation to get back on efficient working. This loss is irreparable as neither the days are going to be back nor the people around would be completely stress free. With this system in place irreparable damages like this can be controlled.
Easy to Use
We at Aarya truly believe that technology is to simplify the lives of the users. Our solutions are also based on this philosophy. The entire system is seamlessly integrable with the current facilities of your premise, which is easy to use. We also provide on field training to your staff for the optimum use of this system. We also on regularly execute mock drills to lessen the panic levels.
Customer Service Support
With a dedicated customer care number and a web based dedicated app, your complaints will be attended almost immediately. Because of our dedicated service policy, we are preferred and referred by all our clients