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Home solutions

For each one of us home is best and most secure place to go back to. But this little paradise constantly exposed to lots of threats when you go to work or park. We make huge investments both monetary and emotional to build up our dream house. We also understand the amount of discomfort you would be facing when you know your kids or elders are alone at home. So at Aarya ITES Pvt. Ltd. we have built a unique home security solution that covers every angle of your home at an affordable rate. Systems like electric fencing, gas leak detection keep your home safe while you are away. We also provide home automation solutions

With the options of multiple viewing and recording, this smart home solution allows you to be confident about the security of your loved ones.

As an initiative towards a green energy we provide solar power solutions. With the help of this we can save a lot of energy and the best part, with our expertise we would integrate it to your current requirement and simplify your life further.

Products We Offer

Burglar Alarm System
Finger Print Lock

IP/ Analogue Video Door Phone
PIR Sensor

Glass break Sensor

Smart Watch Guard
This system practically works as a watch guard for your home day & night without the probability of human error. In case of any unusual entry or condition the alarm triggers off which is loud enough to alert your neighbours too.
Tamper Proof
This unique system provided by us is tamper free, as it has inbuilt sensors that trigger off once any attempt of tampering is made. The burglar alarms are assembled in such a manner that they are deterrent to any kind of break-in attempts. Also in case of any misfortunate event this system help to create evidence that are helpful.
Customer Service Support
With a dedicated customer care number and a web based dedicated app, your complaints will be attended almost immediately. Because of our dedicated service policy, we are preferred and referred by all our clients
Easy to Use
We at Aarya truly believe that technology is to simplify the lives of the users. Our solutions are also based on this philosophy. The entire system is seamlessly integrable with the current facilities of your premise, which is easy to use. We also provide on field training to your staff for the optimum use of this system. We also on regularly execute mock drills to lessen the panic levels.