A command and control center is a secure room in a facility that provides centralized monitoring, control and command of an organization’s overall operations to enable optimal decision-making, based on real-time information through seamless and mass distribution of critical instructions, notifications, and alerts.

At Aarya ITES, we offer end-to-end solutions that incorporate the architectural design, renovation, integration, and implementation of large-scale command and control centers. We can establish, equip, and modernize command and control centers to streamline the interface between technology and operators for smart monitoring, as well as train the relevant personnel in their operation. Our solutions empower our clients, providing them with pertinent insights and full control.

Maintaining 24/7 shared situational awareness, collecting information from disparate networks in a secure way, we offer the needed video wall technology, network infrastructure and operator workspace software to support your decision-making and enable better monitoring of the systems. Distributing information from operations command to the operations centres where it is needed (and vice versa), following industry standards, makes sure that all critical communications are delivered in real-time. By expanding workflows as required, pushing information within and beyond the control room in a secure way, you can even reach decision-makers in the field.

Command & Control Centre

Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) services of Aarya covers the management of critical operational elements required for efficiently & effectively leveraging technology, information and data to provide a scalable solution to the end user. These elements include assets such as computers, servers, networking infrastructure, firewalls, video walls, data centers & virtual facilities.

As command centers must be built to display information in a manner that gives leaders the highest-level of situational awareness in order to dispatch instructions or to report to higher levels, Aarya’s engineering, technical, and project management staff works with you to gain a thorough understanding of how you will be using the center, what information you’ll need, who needs to see it, and the types of actions that will be taken.

Based on these factors, we design your center – linking voice, data, and video communications, surveillance, system monitoring, and alert systems; integrating important aesthetic elements such as custom consoles, furniture, and lighting; and incorporating critical operational components and enhancements for information display such as video monitors or video walls and secure and nonsecure video conferencing systems. Depending on your specific needs, we can also integrate physical access control to secure your center.

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