When you’re protecting what matters, every element of protection is important. Lives, assets, and business continuity. A perfect place is always a protected place, because when you feel protected, you can concentrate on your task, be creative, be productive and successful. We provide fire protection solutions tailored to specific needs using a comprehensive range of products, solutions, systems and services for detection, alarming, evacuation, extinguishing, and danger management. They protect what is most important – people’s lives.

In essence, a fire alarm system has four key functions: detect, alert, monitor, and control. Our Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation System uses a network of devices, appliances, and control panels to carry out these four functions and perform to the exacting standards required to ensure workplace safety.

Our alarming and evacuation solutions come into action immediately upon the detection of a fire incident. Our solutions warn people early on about the presence of a fire via alarms and spoken instructions. They evacuate people from an endangered area to a place of safety, while ensuring that evacuation routes are safe and smoke-free. And they provide real-time incident information to first responders and the fire brigade.

Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation Solutions

Smoke & Heat Detectors

Fire Alarm Panel

Horn Speaker

Siren & Strobe

Fire Phone

Ceiling & Wall Speaker

Manual Call Point

Audio Amplifier


Other Solutions

Smart Highway Solutions

Command & Control Centre

IT & Network Solutions

IP Video Surveillance

Entry Control & Monitoring

Unified Communication

Emergency Call Box (ECB)

Integrated Software Solutions


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