Smart highway and smart road are terms for a number of different ways technologies are incorporated into roads, for improving the operation of connected and autonomous vehicles, for traffic lights and street lighting, and for monitoring the condition of the road, traffic levels and the speed of vehicles. The smart highway is pivotal to the future of transportation.

Highway traffic management systems aims at making transportation smoother and convenient by improving the traffic flow, increasing transportation system efficiency, and enhancing mobility. Our traffic management solutions are an answer to traffic problems on highways and urban roads, as they help to keep roads safe, increase productivity and lower traffic congestion.

At Aarya ITES, we offer State-of-the-art Smart Highway Solutions for an efficient Highway Traffic Management System that includes road traffic solutions, traffic data solutions, toll collection, law enforcement and traffic management systems. Our Smart Highway solutions consists of:

Toll management System

Intelligent Traffic Management System

Disaster Recovery System For Toll Plaza

Smart lighting and electrification

Toll Management System (TMS)

Our experience in electronic engineering, information & communication technology and operations management are combined to design ‘Toll Management System’. Our TMS minimizes fraud by recording every transaction and incident in every lane, optimizes traffic flow with fast vehicle processing speed, provides better management with advanced reports on traffic, toll income, personnel activities, maintenance required, and maintenance performed.

The Toll Management System (TMS) is responsible for capturing & processing toll transactions into information, that will be used to verify toll collections, provide toll collector control, cash-up and shall include a host of management tools and reports for the effective administration of the toll operation. The TMS also assists in auditing the toll collection operation. It is a modular system with the capability for various modules and functions to perform independently at different levels of the toll collection operations.

The TMS has various customizable reports, financial management and traffic analysis tools.


Highlights of our TMS:

  • Fast performance from the system
  • 24 x 7 operational system
  • User friendly
  • Minimum time to repair
  • On-site & Call center assistance
  • Latest technology
  • Fully scalable
  • Modular design

Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS)

Aarya ITES Advance Traffic Management System provides an innovative solution by utilizing state-ofthe-art technologies and proven field equipments. ATMS consists of the Command & Control Centre and a combination of various other sub systems / equipments which are connected to traffic control centre to monitor the management on the highway & to gather required data for safe and seamless pass over operational requirements. It also consists of the various technology-based traffic equipments that will reduce manual intervention and dependencies for controlling traffic. Our Advanced Traffic Management System is a flexible, secured, user friendly application and an advanced system that provides the main features considering the highway safety, traffic monitoring, incident detections and collection of data.


Basic system that forms ATMS are as follow:

  • Video Surveillance System (CCTV)
  • Video Incident Detection System (VIDS)
  • Vehicle Actuated Radar Speed Displays (VASD)
  • Emergency Roadside Telephones (ECB)
  • Fixed / Portable Variable Message Sign (VMS)
  • Meteorological Data System (MET)
  • Mobile Radio Communication System (MRCS)
  • Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier (ATCC)
  • Travel Time Estimation System (TTES)
  • ATMS Command & Control Centre (CCC)

Toll Plaza Disaster Recovery System (TMS-DR)

In its relentless pursuit of bringing in innovative solutions for the industry, Aarya ITES has introduced SecTMS-DR, an Android Based Handheld Toll Collection System, which is an advanced tolling system to help you centrally manage toll operations using a single integrated solution. The solution is already operational in more than 30 toll plazas across 300+ planes as on January 2022.

This device can be used not only for toll collection but also for traffic clearing at toll plaza, in case of emergency as well in disaster management at toll plazas. The system comes with Android 6.0 based 5.5” touch screen display with inbuilt 58mm thermal line printer with a print speed of 60 mm/s and a print head life of 50,000 meters. The 5300mAh battery supports 8 to 10 hours of seamless operations. The device has built in Cellular & Wi-Fi for communication on real time bases with server. It can capture both online and offline transactions. It also has a built-in camera to take vehicle pictures making it more secured and reliable. In this era of digital payment, the system offers multiple
payment modes like Cash, Credit card, Debit card, UPI, NFC & Fast Tag Payment. The device has QR Code & Bar code scanner which can be used for validation of return journey & daily passes.

The application is exclusively designed and developed for handling all the toll transactions taking place at toll plaza through our licensed software SecTMS DR. The server module has a user control panel to manage multiple devices. One can manage the company, plaza, lane, vehicle class, usage fees, users, user role etc. and perform the transaction audit, cash up by TC, cash verification by cashier & consolidation by supervisor, & banking transactions. In case of any changes in the rates, scheduling of rates is also possible, such that the new rates would be effective from a chosen date.

The System has powerful reporting module that can generate multiple reports like transaction report, traffic report, revenue report, collection report, exempt report, comprehensive report etc. The system also has cloud control module, so one cannot download any other application in this device and also can not remove the application which is already reinstalled. We provide full control over device remotely through cloud. The SecTMS DR is fully Integrated & complied with ICD2.4 & ICD2.5 for FasTag Transactions through Hand Held RFID Readers. All in all, SecTMS DR is a step towards taking your company to the next level with a promise of efficiency, ease of use and real time reporting.

TMS-DR: Features

Android 6.0

QR Code

Admin Control Panel

Cash Payment

Touch Screen

Bar Code

MIS Report Modules

UPI Payment

4G & Wi-Fi enabled


IP 54 Outdoor Use

Debit Card/ Credit Card

OTG Cable


2 mtr. Drop Test Certified

Fastag Payment

5300mAh Battery


Cloud based

NFC Payment

Other Solutions

Command & Control Centre

IT & Network Solutions

IP Video Surveillance

Entry Control & Monitoring

Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation

Unified Communication

Emergency Call Box (ECB)

Integrated Software Solutions


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