To be competitive, modern businesses need software solutions that can be integrated seamlessly with hardware to keep track of data, performance and customers. Being at the forefront in providing security, safety, automation, IT and network infrastructure solutions, we at Aarya ITES have created a range of integrated software solutions to help businesses automate their processes, increase efficiency and productivity.

Our integrated software solutions capture and communicate real-time data, along with an assurance of absolute data-security. Our integrated software system also provides an “Incident View Report” which helps the client view and analyse the happenings on any particular day. This not only saves time and energy but also serves as a hallmark of efficiency, in the work culture. We have dedicated softwares for integration with toll & traffic management system, parking and weigh bridge management system, visitor and employee management etc.

We can also provide customised software solutions to address specific requirements of your organisation.

Integrated Software Solutions

Toll Management System

Responsible for capturing & processing toll transactions into information, that will
be used to verify toll collections, provide toll collector control, cash-up and shall include a host of management tools and
reports for the effective administration of the toll operation.

Toll Management System - Disaster Recovery

Being a distinctly unique backup software solution, it assists the Toll Plazas in case of disasters/natural calamities. An exceptional feature of this software lies in its reliability on hand-held mobile terminals for the purpose of spontaneous management and emergency crisis recovery.

Advanced Traffic Management System

We facilitate our clients’ efforts of smartly managing highway traffic and ensuring round-the-clock safety by providing accurate information to the users about the road condition, traffic situations, weather conditions, etc. through avant-garde roadside equipment.

Emergency Call Box

Being extremely helpful in emergency situations for road users, these roadside call boxes/phones are responsible for free and quick assistance-provision during emergency. These are made available on either side of the road and the hand free call made via Push button are received at the control room with caller location data & which in turn supplies the appropriate aid in the form of ambulance, crane, etc.

Parking Management System

Vehicular parking, when operated digitally, renders the driver’s experience as quite pleasant and hassle-free. The usage of Boom-Barriers and precise rate-fixation, either on a 24-hour basis or time basis, benefits our clients as the leakages prevalent in the manual system are eradicated and illegal parking / overstay is undoubtedly, out of question, in view of the thorough monitoring which is practised. PMS not only reduces traffic and pollution but also saves upon time, energy & money. Users can also check the availability of parking space & prebook via App.

Weigh Bridge Management System

A fine blend of technological prowess and engineering genius, it consists of a system which employs IP Cameras, Loop-Detectors, Weighbridge, Boom-Barriers, & RFID Readers which are responsible for a meticulous tracking of the tare and gross weight of the vehicle. Ranging from the detection of the vehicle to its weighing and audio-visual alignment assistance for precise weigh, the vehicular movement is controlled explicitly.

Visitor Management System

Transparency is the backbone of any business and thus, user-tracking is pivotal to the corporate sector. A digital check-in system designed to collect information about invited as well as unexpected visitors and their belongings, along with an integrated access control, allows our clients to document the visitors’ whereabouts and facility-usages and minimize the risks of intruders or workplace violence.

Employee Management System

Employees contribute majorly to a company’s smooth operation-process, and it is essential to guide and manage their efforts judiciously. EMS ensures a secure storage of the employee database (attendance, roster, shift management, leave management, salary calculations & statutory compliances) with an easy retrieval facility. Quick management of administrative and HR activities help our clients engage and retain more employees with maximized productivity. The system also facilitates contract worker & off role employees.

Enterprise Resource and Planning

The Manufacturing Industry as well as the Service Industry can use this solution to monitor the pulse of the company using a single vision of reality. It comprises of integrated modules which help the companies run on a single, automated, and simplified system, such as- Sales & Marketing, Procurement & Purchase, Stock & Inventory, Project Planning & Implementation, Accounts & Finance, HR & Admin, Services & RMA, Production, MIS Reporting etc. Free flow of communication, remote access, accurate data-reporting, etc. boosts the selfawareness of the firm as redundancies are eliminated and different elements of the business sphere get collated in a streamlined manner.

Other Solutions

Smart Highway Solutions

Command & Control Centre

IT & Network Solutions

IP Video Surveillance

Entry Control & Monitoring

Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation

Unified Communication

Emergency Call Box (ECB)


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